Selfie-abuse at Kitz – German hunting newspaper

9. June 2017 186

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Because young women needed a fawn for Selfies miss, and it stroked it, it was not accepted by the DOE.

“A concerned woman rang at my door and said there’s a fawn lying alone on the roadside. I made me no further thoughts, because the does drop their fawns as we know, in the Grass.“ The 18-year-old Joel Prince. “I went anyway take a look, and met 2 women. They were in their mid 20’s and told me to have a Selfie with the animal. They had already asked themselves, what is this animal even though they were with Hiking shoes and backpack. I actually expected that you will know that a fawn must not be touched. But you didn’t even know what it is. Sad but true.“ The hunter from Altena (North Rhine-Westphalia) is horrified.

Photo: Joel Prince with his Felina (photo: private)

“My father and I are doing here in this circle so much Publicity and yet there are still countless Ignorant. The women showed me the pictures. It is to see how you RUB the fawn behind the eavesdroppers, and everywhere you can touch.“
Prince Felina, as he has christened his protege, now at home and she moves in with the bottle. “To the delight of my parents,” he says with a laugh. Already 2 years ago he had raised a buck. But it was not tame so easily. Of 1,880 grams and weighed in at Felina, he on 21. May, in his custody. “But she’s doing well.”