Serious Cruelty To Animals – German Hunting Newspaper

2. March 2018 115






    Hard to miss a dog owner found her two German short-hair on Saturday morning, the 24. February.

    The two hunting dogs were in the night to Saturday in the worst way to miss, and survived only with much luck. To Sleep the two in a side-building of the agricultural estate of the holder of the Aatalstraße in ash Bruges in Laar (Grafschaft Bentheim, lower Saxony).

    (Icon Image: Pixabay)

    On Saturday morning one of the two four-runner was gasping in the corner. The second was bleeding heavily on the hind legs. Just because a vet was called in, and this was right, have survived the two four runners. The veterinary suggested that the röchelnde dog was poisoned, which was confirmed in a Toxicological investigation. The other dog had several deep lacerations in the genital area and on the hind legs. The police are now investigating because of animal cruelty and asks for witnesses, under the phone number (05943) 92000 .