Silencer in Bavaria, allowed to HUNT a TOTAL of

Health protection through muffler is now possible

The shot of pop at the hunting exercise health problems can be triggered during the hearing.

Hearing protection the ear is not suitable for all hunters and types of hunting. It also reduces the Problem of burdens on the environment (drivers, dog handlers, dogs, local residents, recreation, transport, etc.).
With the use of sound dampers, as the health risk that comes with firing a shot is reduced. The shot blast is not completely, but 20 to 30 decibels reduced. Due to this reduction in a health critical noise threshold is exceeded.

In the context of a Constitution-compliant interpretation of the hunting and weapons-of-law provisions are effective immediately, requests of hunters for reasons of health approved. It is a written request is needed.

For approval, the following applies:

  • Local jurisdiction lies with the district administration authority in whose area the applicants have their habitual residence (art. 3 Para. 1 no. 3 a BayVwVfG, article 49 BayJG). The applicant has his habitual place of residence outside of Bavaria, is the County administrative authority responsible, in whose district the applicant carries out the hunting (art. 3, Para. 1 No. 4 BayVwVfG).
  • A permit is usually granted for an indefinite period.
  • An entry in the a hunting license. It is not necessary that the hunting permit is accompanied by the decision in the Hunting rights.
  • The scope of the hunting permit extends to Bavaria. The use of silencers is regulated by the hunting laws of the other provinces are different. It is recommended to clarify the use of there in advance.
  • Additional evidence, e.g. a medical certificate, are not required