Silencer in the state of Hesse allowed the German hunting newspaper

12. June 2017 56

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In Hesse, there is a need for the acquisition and possession of a silencer for hunting long recognised immediately gun for reasons of health protection.

According to the publication, “use of silencers for Hunting rifles in the hunting exercise” in the Hessian state Gazette of 5. June 2017 may be requested mufflers from now on, and regardless of any previous damage to the organ of hearing. This Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) had announced to the country jägertag in Lorsch already.

Also in Hessen, a silencer can now be purchased (photo: Sophia Lorenzoni)

Dr. Walter Arnold (CDU), reiterated in the country jägertag that exhaust for each hunter and each hunter in the exceptional cases, two or more, for example, in the case of different long guns calibers will be available.

There should be dampers in the application of two or more of the sound to come out of a rejection of the request, please contact directly with the LJV business office.

PM/ LJV Hessen