Silencer only for shell wild – German hunting newspaper

2. July 2018 83






    The use of silencers when hunting exercise is now also in Schleswig-Holstein.

    The competent Ministry of the interior has issued a corresponding decree. So hunters can equip your guns (Hunting rifles) for hunting ungulates, such as deer, ROE deer or wild pigs with silencers, provided that all legal requirements are met. Objective the significant reduction of noise in the shot. About approval of the competent weapon authority. For other hunting weapons, especially handguns, are not applicable, the permission explicitly.

    In Schleswig-Holstein, silencers are only approved for ungulates suitable for long weapons (photo: Markus Lück)

    Regardless of the use of a silencer, the Ministry recommends the additional use of hearing protection.

    The hunting Association of Schleswig-Holstein welcomes the decree of the Ministry. However, a rating as negative, the silencer will only be approved for ungulates suitable for long weapons.