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14. November 2017 85

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With the adoption of the 26.10.2017 the NRW enables the Ministry of the interior the purchase of silencers for the purpose of hunting exercise:

Before you can begin, you need to NRW note-hunter’s (photo: Sophia Lorenzoni)

The most important points and what to consider when purchasing the silencers, has summarized the NRW hunting Association here:

There is a need for the acquisition and possession of sound weapons in ungulates suitable for Rifle calibers is dampers only for hunting long recognized.

The need of a hunter for the acquisition and possession of a silencer is detected with a valid annual hunting license, if the hunter has at least 1 hunting long gun in a shell wild-capable rifle caliber in his WBK, for which the silencer is suitable.

It is basically listed only 1 silencer pro hunter in the WBK.

Prior to the acquisition, a Voreintrag in the WBK on which the competent weapons must be legal authority.

For the Voreintrag the calibre indication enough of the hunting long gun, the silencer should be acquired. The muffler does not need to be a single registered hunting long gun, specifically, associated with it.

Silencers are to be kept as a long gun, because they are weapons legal weapons for which they are intended. The silencer does not count towards the number of weapons that may be stored in a gun Cabinet.

Should be taken prior to the acquisition, the advice of a gunsmith, because:

  • the silencer should be adapted to the weapon and caliber in order to achieve optimum damping.
  • You may make the necessary modifications to existing weapons, particularly the Cutting of a thread, make the new proof of the weapon is mandatory.