“Small ball” Striped – German hunting newspaper

3. July 2018 89






    From now on, hunters are allowed to do with “small ball” the hunt for the striped fish.

    The the decided the upper Jagbehörde by generally available, such as the Landesjagdverband Rheinland-telling Palatinate.

    Projectiles, which reach a diameter of less than 5.6 mm and an incident energy of less than 2.000 joules at 100 metres, will be referred to as “small ball”. The special permit is to be viewed against the Background of an impending outbreak of the ASP and has already been requested in the position paper of the LJVs to the African swine fever (ASF).


    Caliber .22 Hornet is allowed for the hunting of striped piglets (photo: Small/LJV RLP)