Snake causes a stir in the German hunting newspaper

13. June 2018 95






    Police officers have to move out in due to wild animals. Incidents with snakes, however, are not available on the agenda. Close to Karlsruhe line was, however, Recently the alarm.

    In a Motel near Althengstett (Baden-Württemberg) reviewed the employees in the evening hours, a 1.3-Meter-long snake. But the persons in the reptile lost sight of, and the snake disappeared in the Motel. Police and the fire brigade was alerted. Together with the employees, the building was searched. Under a vending machine, the rescuers were finally able to find. With a hearty grip of the non-toxic grass snake was taken. Then, the true-to-disturb was discharged peaceful in nature.


    Grass snakes are for people completely harmless (photo: Pixabay)