Sows in the supermarket – the German hunting newspaper

9. January 2018 34

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Again, sows have driven to mischief in the city. In Östringen, in the district of Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg) have you made a shopping market on its head.

On the Morning of the 2. January showed up a sounder of sows in the Parking lot of a shopping market in the Thomas-Howie-road in Östringen. 2 of the black coats by the entrance door of the market broke and damaged the Goods. Höchflüchtig the entire flight after that was on the B292 in the direction of the forest from the dust. The damage amounts to several Thousand euros.

Also doors to super markets, to break through sows, recently, and gain access to the interior (photo montage: Svenja Spöth)

Last Saturday, then the next message. This time in Bretzfeld in Hohenlohe (Baden-Württemberg). A Sow was reported to the police in a garden in the Rappacher street in Bretzfeld-Scheppach. Shortly afterwards came the message that a fleet of 5 sows attempt to gain access to a Discounter in the Bretzfelder Adolzfurt. The pieces jumped several times against the building. When the police arrived, had taken the gang have already fled. The building no damage was found.


Such cases are not uncommon:

Also on the 2. January was shot in Bad Kreuznach, an aggressive Sow in a garden. In October rioted 2 sows in the centre of Heide, and in Bavaria with a dentist.