Special leave for sows hunter German hunting newspaper

9. January 2018 31

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Due to the ever-closer return of African swine fever (ASF) Polish hunter for the Hunting of sows should get special leave.

For the new year, the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda has signed the special measure for the control of the ASP, such as agrarheute.com reported. It includes, among other things, that hunters are allowed to take for the hunting of wild boar up to 6 days a year of paid special leave. Furthermore, the legal basis will be created for the construction of border security facilities. To prevent the Migration of infected pieces.

Up to 6 days special leave may not take a Polish hunter if he’s hunting, and uses them to feral (photo: Jürgen Weber)

A reason for the action, the further spread of ASF in Poland. According to the top Polish veterinary authority 45 new ASP were confirmed in the 4 days before Christmas, outbreaks in sows in Poland.