Spring cleaning in the area – the German hunting newspaper

7. March 2018 31






    The spring is a good time to do in the area. The DJV collects pictures of clean-up actions, and prizes raffled off.

    Together, hunter and hunter cleaning: when spring cleaning in the area (source: Rohloff/DJV)

    The DJV is awarded for the most beautiful images with a wildlife camera, a thermos and a car already. For all entries, other prizes will be raffled.

    So the spring cleaning:

    1. Organization in area, or game management
    2. Clarification of the disposal of garbage with regulatory agencies or recycling yards
    3. Invitation of Interested people and friends of nature, for example, via social media
    4. Tackle, have a nice day, and Good bars

    The DJV is asking hunters, photos and texts from your spring cleaning to the 31. March 2018 to be submitted by E-Mail (pressestelle@jagdverband.de), on Twitter or on Instagram. The following Hashtags should be used: #spring cleaning #fighter against trash #DJVgewinnspiel.