Successfully hunted the German hunting newspaper

5. December 2017 59

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Last weekend took place the Seminar “Led Hegejagd in DJZ-test area with Erich Kaiser”. A colorful range crowned the prom.

Two of the seminar participants killed in Waldbreitbach your first piece (photos: Sophia Lorenzoni)

6 participants arrived on Friday at noon at the farm. Shortly thereafter, it went under the best light conditions to the area. Partly snow, and the moon made for good light values. Already at 16.30 in the 1 fell. Piece. In the evening, sat together in a comfortable atmosphere. On Saturday Morning we went to the early stand hunting or on the Prowl. The lunch time took advantage of the area of the upper hunter Erich Kaiser to share his Knowledge. He introduced the participants to the wild fields, showed and explained important Details on the topic of Hochsitzbau and answered the participants ‘ questions in detail. After in the evening and on Sunday morning, again in the freezing cold was eating, was a considerable range: 1 Brockets, 2 muffle lambs, 1 boar, 3 deer, and 2 run of the sick foxes. Weidmannsheil Protect the.