Suspects free again – German hunting newspaper

7. November 2018 38






    2 of the 3 suspects in the case of the killed hunter Simon Paul have now been dismissed against Reporting to the police from the detention. The main suspect is sitting.

    This has Happened so far:

    By the end of August, hunter, and gunsmith, Simon Paul was missing. On 2. October was found the corpse of the green rocks. 2 weeks later, 2 Suspects were arrested.

    Already on 29. October, the existing arrest warrant for the 26-year-old Greeks, was at no time a part of the homicide have been set, subject to conditions, except for law enforcement. On 5. November was also the 26-year-old German in the case of a detention review appointment. He had given the 29-year-old main suspect, an Alibi and was therefore in the focus of the investigation. Him could so far not be proven to be at the crime scene in the birch box.

    The 3. Imprisoned is silent as to the allegations. Whether he was assisted at the scene of the crime, or, in the case of the killing by other people, is the subject of the investigation. The investigators of the special Commission Wagner work under high pressure.