Suzuki Vitara 1.6 DDiS 4×4 – “Disco-Stalking” – the German hunting newspaper

4. July 2016 644

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The therefore, is quite glaring. Again, a SUV that’s only good for a Disco visit or a Sunday outing? No, the Vitara is quite area suitable for use. An intelligent drive Management and ample ground clearance make it for hunters interesting.
By Hans Jörg Nagel

My private car is silver. The color of the DJZ-test vehicle: Atlantis Turquoise Pearl Metallic Superior white. I know that as a light blue with a white roof. But well, if it makes you beautiful …



The comes across as pretty weird. And why? Because he can do it! (Photos: Hans-Jörg Brand/Maximilian Sattler)

Much more important is what is inside. The Name Vitara has a good reputation. As the successor or big brother of SJ 80, 410, 413, Jimny and Grand Vitara, he is for years in many areas. “Young civilians” belong to the clientele. The Suzuki SUV is fashionable. Perhaps one reason for the daring color palette. But he also is good for the hunter? The conclusion first: Yes.

A program for all cases

A couple area-related data: The Vitara has a ground clearance of 18.5 cm. This is in order. Also the angle of slope from the front 18.2 and back 28.2 degrees is for an SUV is sufficient. The permanent all-wheel drive in the 4×4 variant 4 programs. Suzuki calls it an “All Grip” and assures the best properties of each substrate.




The rear is very much not in fits. But a salt lick from all

In Auto mode, primarily the front wheels to be driven. The intelligent traction control distributed – slip-dependent – up to 50:50 front and rear axle. Snow is elected, in addition to ETCS (traction control). Lock provides a fixed, uniform power distribution to both axles. Great for off-road driving. In Sport mode (especially for tar trips) additional force to the rear axle, among other things, for stronger acceleration.

In DJZ-Test, there is highly for the intelligent engine management and a “thumb”. As happy Comfort power-Plus package, which costs only 3,100 euros extra. Included: GPS, Keyless door open/Start, panoramic glass roof (56 cm!), Parking aid, LED headlamp system, and radar-based braking assistance.

“Plates” made of plastic

120 HP to drive the Suzuki. The torque is 320 Nm. This is for a 1.6 Liter diesel unit is quite remarkable. In summary, the Japanese has shown in the premises no weaknesses. Box-way, medium-heavy forest pass to say and gravel roads he took without complaint. Not enough for much more. Like most other SUVs, there are also for it limits.




The color selection is not for Everyone (but there are others) and the Chinese numerals on the clock are probably more of a Gag

The auto-tester, for example, in the very front and the very back of the car. The silver “bumper plates” are merely plastic applications. Neither protection nor RAM, just for the eye. Similarly, the loading surface of the Vitara is not designed for live deer and big boar. Even in the case of a folded-back Bank, it reached just to 1,120 litres.

The interior, however, is sufficiently large. Also, the passengers in the back have enough space. Storage compartments are plentiful and the Info as well as switching units clearly. Yes, the Vitara is an Option for the precinct. And the green skirt can look forward to: The Vitara is available also in “Savannah Ivory Metallic, Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic”. Earlier, the light brown was.

Vitara 1.6 DDiS 4×4

Power: 120 HP
Engine capacity: 1.586 ccm
Length: 4.75 m
Height: 1,61 m
Ground clearance: 18.5 cm
Consumption (DJZ-Test): 5.8 l
Empty weight: 1.370 kg
permissible total weight: 1.870 kg
Turning circle: 10.4 m
Maximum speed: 180 km/h
Price (all-wheel drive): 22.490 Euro
Price (Test Car): 27.890 Euro

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