Taste-test the DJV: deer Zebra – German hunting newspaper

10. December 2018 275






    The Discounter, net of the Festival, an unusual offer in his stores: Zebra steak from South Africa. 300 grams for 6.99 euros.

    From the point of view of biological diversity, all the indications are: wildlife protection also goes through the stomach (photo: Rolf D. Baldus)

    This is not “or” Zebras brought the usual Suspects on the net on the palm: “Zebra is food, it doesn’t work in the Serengeti”.

    But these comments go past the African reality, and even the WWF can’t see anything Wrong with the consumption of Zebra. The animals are not threatened in southern Africa. Even on the Red list is still as vulnerable guided mountain Zebra is thanks to hunting long back in safe stocks. In South Africa there are wild farms, many of the plains Zebra. Without economic use would occur at their place again soon goats and cows. From the point of view of biological diversity, all the indications are: wildlife protection goes also through the stomach.

    After that was cleared, reported the Bild newspaper at the DJV office in Berlin for a taste test. There were Steaks from the Zebra and the deer from Germany. The clear winner: the deer from the surrounding areas of Berlin. Gourmet Stephan Wunderlich, the deals for DJV and CIC with the foreign hunting: “seared sirloin steak from the fawn was a feast for the palate, the Zebra, however, rather tough and dry.” The Bild newspaper ran the headline, therefore, “Quite a ZÄHbra!”. Anna Martin, son of the DJV critical: “The Steak was cut a piece from the leg, and with the fiber.” Is not excluded, that you have eaten the fillet in South Africa itself.

    To the glory of the Game from Africa, it must be said that Zebra can taste delicious. A comparison test of the author showed that the Zebra steak from discounters fell apart after thawing in three pieces, no special taste, but not tough. For the money there are better game out of the Region.