Tero in predicament – German hunting newspaper

30. November 2018 86






    On Tuesday morning, a 59-year-old wife in their Renault on a street in the district of Harburg (lower Saxony) was on the road when you suddenly felt a blow on the vehicle.

    Tero in predicament (photo: police Harburg)

    According to police reports, the driver thought it was an accident, and was therefore Vice-versa, but the point of the alleged accident because of the darkness nothing can see and be hazards therefore to their workplace in Hamburg. Only in the evening, then the explanation for the impact of noise in the Morning, When the woman returned to her vehicle, she noticed a faint Whine from the front. There dwarf was stuck Schnauzer “Tero” in the grille. The 13-year-old male was exempt from the fire almost unharmed, and the overjoyed of holder, be handed over to the Schnauzer already has an accident reported.