The 1,000 wolves in Germany: associations Alliance action plan – German hunting newspaper

4. June 2018 42






    The increasing spread of the wolf in Germany in the rural areas to the growing conflicts and at the same time, the keeping of grazing animals.

    Wolves are by nature shy (source: Rolfes/DJV)

    On the occasion of the conference of environment Ministers from the 6. to 8. June 2018 in Bremen, a broad Alliance of 18 associations in the rural areas – the action Alliance Forum nature and the associations of the grazing animal holder is proposing a joint plan of action, Wolf.

    Together, the associations of the Environmental Ministers of the Federation and the länder are demanding that the protection of the people clearly have priority over the spread of the wolf in Germany and the grazing animal husbandry needs on a nationwide basis. It was no longer acceptable to the population and the affected pet owners with small calculated wolf stocks the real conditions in Germany to withhold. The associations expect that, in Germany, in the year 2018 a wolf population of about 1,000 animals live and the Population by over 30 percent annually exponentially waxes.

    The associations of the coalition for action, the Forum for nature and the associations of the grazing animal’s owner keep the current practice in the reporting of wolf cracks, the procedure of crack assessment to the compensation of damages is inadequate and call for a fundamental readjustment. Due to Doubts as to the accuracy of the previous genetic analysis, asking the associations, the introduction of a B-sample. The B sample is to be examined in all cases of doubt by an independent, recognized and accredited laboratory.

    The associations also call for a reversal of the burden of proof in the compensation of wolf cracks. In the future, compensation must be made when a wolf tear cannot be excluded.

    The associations stress that, for the avoidance of wolf of the implementation of herd protection measures cracks is of great significance. However, the prevention of have limits. A small partial fencing of pasture in Germany, neither nature conservation is technically justifiable and economically feasible and socially accepted. The Federation and the Länder are called upon to take in the prevention of more on the actual conditions of consideration and, when herd protection management coordinated and nationwide in accordance with uniform standards. The Basis for the development of herd protection measures should be the fencing, which is to prevent the onset of the grazing animals in the Region.

    Furthermore, the associations of pastoralists and other land users are demanding that scientifically proven facts are not recognized, i.e. that the living in Germany wolves to a separate Population, but rather the Western edge of the North-East European presence. The favourable conservation status was never in question. Therefore there is no need to leave the Wolf out in Annex IV of the habitats Directive, the associations emphasize.

    The action Alliance Forum nature and the associations of Pastoralists also affirm that a reasonable dealing with the Wolf in the future, the removal will be. The conservation of pasture animal husbandry in a diverse cultural landscape with large green areas of the country, with a full spread of the wolf is not compatible. In countries such as France and Sweden will already intervened today on the Basis of the existing European nature Conservation legislation, to regulate in the Wolf populations. In Sweden, practiced protection and hunting of wolves serves explicitly to the protection of animal husbandry and EU law compliant.

    For a Management of the Wolf should be taken already now on the basis of the existing European Law in the German Federal hunting law. A regulation should be carried out over the proven area of the system. According to the associations, it will be necessary to remove wolves that are looking to be close to the people, protection of measures to overcome or at the crack of grazing animals have specialized.

    In addition, there could be regions in which a permanent settlement, a pack of wolves leads to indissoluble conflicts with other goals, such as the levee safety or the preservation of the Alpine dairy. Also, in areas where prevention measures are not feasible, or green regions of the country, which can not be comprehensively fenced wolf-repellent, packs a collection of Wolf on the prevention of the settlement will be necessary.

    PM DJV