The beccacciai umbrian meet in San Venanzo (TR) for the delivery of the wings

I beccacciai umbri si incontrano a San Venanzo (TR) per la consegna delle ali

I beccacciai umbri si incontrano a San Venanzo (TR) per la consegna delle aliThe delegation of theUmbria of the Beccacciai of Italy has organized the traditional meeting for a fun day and the usual delivery of the wings for Sunday, 26th march 2017. The day will begin with the walk together with the dogs in search of woodcock in the Area of Training Dogs “on the Bottom of the Sorbare”, in the locality of San Venanzo (province of Terni). The dogs will be loose in the woods and the lucky ones will be able to meet the bird: there will be rounds that will be set according to the total number of participants, as the association seeks to do.

The appointment was set for 8:30 at the ZAC), more precisely to the Piazzone. The participants will have to communicate to the lords Tito Mariotti or Luigi Migliorini , the number of license in course of validity not later than Friday, march 24, so you can do all the tasks that are required for the procedure of the area.

At the end of the test, we will transfer for lunch at 12:30 at the Park of the Seven Friars, so as to give life to a cheerful salsicciata, as occurred last year. They will still be welcome in the meats and any other specialty: do not miss the customary exceptional form of cheese. The cost of this day, including admission to ZAC and lunch, which will be 15 euros per person.