The Bundestag decides on new weapons law – the German hunting newspaper

19. May 2017 4492

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Faster than thought, the German Bundestag adopted the amendment of the German weapons law. And includes some Changes affecting hunters.

For example, the tightening of the rules for the weapons storage. So requiring a permit firearms, with the entry into force of the amendment, must be stored in a weapons locker of at least the level 0 according to EN 1143-1.

Hunter the weapons cupboards have a according to VDMA 24992 level A/B, may your safety cabinets but due to a grandfathering arrangement to continue to use. This also applies to newly acquired weapons, if the maximum capacity of the existing Cabinet is not yet exhausted.

The German Bundestag adopted yesterday in a Heave-Ho action, the new weapons law (photo: Shutterstock)

The prolegal-community of interest for weapons possession notifies, this protection also living in the household members, and in the case of inheritance for the beneficiary is the legal holder. For the second Time this “heirs of let-stock protection” for the affected security containers does not retain, however.

Whoever acquires, after the date of entry into force of the Amendment for the first time, a weapon, or a new or additional weapons Cabinet, you need at least a Cabinet level 0.

The German hunting Association (DJV) had together with the in the Forum of arms (FWR) associations to the draft law, taken the position of, and adaptation to current standards, although welcomed, but a clear escalation rejected. So far the relevant VdMA-standard will no longer be updated and monitored, therefore an adjustment was understandable. However, an adjustment to the levels S1/S2 would have been in the opinion of the associations according to the Euro standard is sufficient.

Welcomes the two associations have closets, however, a comprehensive protection and weapons for the benefit of the owner. In its opinion, DJV and FWR have to rework far-reaching the proposed protection required, the had been fulfilled in the Central points. Compared to the original draft law, the Bundestag has extended the cabinets to the protection for owners of old weapons, the DJV. Used in the past to cabinets should not be used indefinitely. But the law applies to the improvements in the parliamentary process for roommates who keep their weapons together. Different than the design originally intended, handle the negligence, incorrect storage of ammunition a misdemeanor. According to the government’s draft, it should be in the future a Crime. This, too, DJV and FWR were disproportionately criticized.

The new law must still be in the Federal Council and then with the publication in the Federal Gazette. The Federal Council referral is currently for the 2. June not provided for, however, is not yet clear whether it remains at this date.