The cartridge Brenneke 7x65R with ball TOG

Drilling Merkel chambered in Brenneke 7×65 R

The cartridge and, in particular, the bullet Brenneke TOG, Torpedo Optimal Geschoss, the sum of the characteristics of the well-known Torpedo with the advanced studies on ballistics and external terminal

The German Brenneke, well-known for research in the field of projectiles for much of the smooth bore for rifled barrel, has proposed for several years its own line of cartridges central fire directed on a range of gauges, not too wide, but with preparations differentiated in order to meet the many requests of balls specific, today more than ever put under the magnifying glass by fans. Just a few months ago a different sales strategy of a manufacturer group of cartridges that is very vast and important has urged the Brenneke and her new Italian distributor, the cliff notes of Ora (BZ), to extend the proposal becoming part of, most in the market. Among the many available calibers we have had from Bignami to the evergreen 7x65R that, in spite of its hundred years, or perhaps because of this, enjoys excellent health, business, guaranteed by its basic performance, enhanced by the series of bullets historians as the TIG and TUG side-by-side now from recent projects such as the TOG-mounted on the cartridges of our test. The ace in the sleeve of the cartridge is the pairing of a pitch of the rifling is very short, which permits the use of balls of considerable weight, and in view of the section, very long, with strong sectional density enhanced by an initial speed brilliant, but, above all, maintained even at long distances: we recall how a few decades ago, this cartridge was credited to 500 m, then a blunder venatoriamente speaking, most energy of another beautiful contestant as the .300 H. & H. Mag.

The packaging and features

Presented in a solid box of cardboard, the cartridges are placed in a hive the hard, of the same material: the exterior appearance is eye-catching and high-gloss surface stand out: first, the shape of the cartridge to the side of that of a deer in the bellow, the lower edge on the brand of the company, with the oak leaves and the acorns, the silhouette and the logo of the ball TOG, the words full of the caliber of the ball and its weight in grams and grains. Almost similar to the information given in a legible and beautiful handwriting, yellow on a green background, on the sides of the box while, at the rear, you immediately notice a small folding applied to the box with the writing in well-twenty-three idioms, in order to the user from the danger of explosions; outline along with the deer and the trade mark, as already observed, you can see three views of the ball TOG, integrates sectioned to a first bump to go after the affungamento, with descriptions of the reactions and the function of the bullet next to each one. Practical and interesting, and the rear ballistic where, together with the values of speed and energy to a range between 0 and 300 m, it shows the trajectory with zero at 100 m and one, very functional, with the GEE, the adjustment to the optimum distance not to exceed in elevation the 4 cm: here the point is located 182 m, with a fall of 300 m of 27.5 cm where you still read 2132 joules for this ball of 9.7 g/150 gr, which also indicates the CB (coefficient ballistic) equal to 0,423.

Three shots fired at 100 m with a drilling Merkel and optics Kahles 4×32

Very favourable for all these values for which account must be taken of the design philosophy of the German, which assigns a high value to the precision, a watchful eye and not obsessive radenza, a privilege, decided to ballistics terminal is where the ability of the vehicle to stop, possibly on the spot, the wild, or at least to inflict injury that would allow for rapid recovery with the popular dogs from the track. In particular, this bullet is made from a rugged outer casing with a tapered tail, groove pliers, ring median edge sharp, apex acute drilled where the thickness of the coat is more subtle, all-welded, to the inner core in the shape of a lance, with an enlarged round the middle. The action is carried out with the cutting the die cut in the skin of the wild and bleeding useful to any research with the auxiliary, with expansion of the bullet is acute up to the level of the enlarged internal that is the point the respondent with increase in the diameter and mass maintenance for a boost large intended to create a means of a large diameter with direct injury to add to those induced by speed and then by the shock of the hydrodynamic. The caliber and type of ball they see the possibility of use for all the wild in our area, including deer, and its remarkable vitality and strength.

A speed control

We have not gone very far with the tests looking at how these cartridges Brenneke are certainly expensive, but with a quote in line with the yield really excellent. Friend Charles has mounted the chronograph at the range of Carrù (CN) detecting, with the drilling Merkel, a V/4 equal to 878 and 880 m/sec, thus respectively + 8 and + 10 m/sec from a declared from the House: imagine that the length of the bore of 65 cm is the head of this pleasing increase. We do not believe are needed in other words, on these data, but we like to add that the feelings of the shot are very favourable, without spikes in blood-pressure, annoying, or other negativity, and we look at it, then at home, in the barrel remain very few traces immediately removable with a past of detergent and some flannel dry. We are not experts on the subject, but there seems to intuit that the use of propellants and of high quality grant, in addition to everything else, even this pleasure.

Brenneke 7×65 R 150grs – Ammunition TOG

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Drilling Merkel chambered in Brenneke 7×65 R

The drilling Merkel chambered in 7x65R as a percentage of the highest of the overhead and striped on the market thanks to the versatility of this cartridge

Cartridges and shells off in the hive attached to the inside of the box: you can see the triggers smitten, with no signs of abnormal pressures

The cartridge and, in particular, the bullet Brenneke TOG, Torpedo Optimal Geschoss, the sum of the characteristics of the well-known Torpedo with the advanced studies on ballistics and external terminal

The front of the box shows color satisfying to the eye natural the brand name, the caliber, weight and type of ball, the profile of the cartridge and the silhouette of a deer at the bellow

Three shots fired at 100 m with a drilling Merkel and optics Kahles 4×32

The packaging of the cartridges Brenneke in 7x65R with the ball TOG ready for use in the rifled barrel of greater caliber of a valuable bockdrilling Franz Sodia

Always on the back of three images of the projectile, which illustrate the characteristics of technical and structural showing at the same time the deformation with the conceivable effects on the game

The lower blackening of the necks of cartridge cases fired with a correct chambered and appreciable elasticity of the brass used

On the side of the box appear crisp and legible the full features of the cartridge so that you can observe with the packages stacked in the shelf

On the back is the tiny fold in 23 languages, in order to alert on the risks of explosion. Visible and practical, the mirror ballistic with the main data of speed and energy: 300 m you still read 2.132 J

Also on the opposite side you will find all the data and only vary the colors with the black background and the yellow, the green and the white to detach, to encourage reading

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