The cartridge Ribbons Perfecta in .338 Lapua mag

The powerful cartridge placed on the sole lift of the Sako 85, ready to be forfeited

When the cartridge .338 Lapua mag has made its first appearance on the scene of the civil had already been well-proven and used by different branches of the military specialist, who had had the opportunity to appreciate the many gifts of this project, including the energy and precision at long distance, the great balance of the various factors, and in every theatre of use, manageability, arms still very well be transported by a single individual, with the obvious advantages of the movements sudden and without too many encumbrances and with measures of the rifle still easily that we can control.

Beyond the purpose that it is strongly principal in the war, and that is to hit the opponent, this cartridge lends itself successfully to invalidate the electronic equipment without which many of the artillery pieces or missile installations remain inactive. Of course, the range is useful with a high degree of accuracy and many kgm to download guided the project of the Lapua and the Finnish House has lived up to expectations by providing a result in consequential damages to its reputation and to the essence of precision shooting, matter very followed in these lands where racing, hunting, war, have forged over the years, generations of excellent shooters and are equally valid for designers of rifles and cartridges. The required measures in a departure from the Research Armament Co. it will indicate the caliber .338”, a bullet weight of 250 gr (16.2 g) and a speed at the muzzle of 3000 ft/sec, then about 915 m/sec: a beautiful combination capable of delivering 691 kgm and, thanks to the use of bullets with high coefficient ballistic, to keep the values of all respect for a wide extension of the trajectory. The basis of this project comes from measures of the .416 Rigby and the first cases are manufactured from Brass Extrusion Labs. Ltd Bensenville Illinois while the bullets come from Hornady; not too much time passes and both Lapua that Normally trade of their cartridges with the satisfaction of the SAMI and the CIP for the conventional measures in terms of metric see a case from 8.58×71 mm. The military rank provided with a ball pointed profile of the secant of the ogive and boat-tail at the apex of the rear beats comfortably the 1,500 m.

The cartridge Ribbons Perfecta

The House of Lecco has entered this calibre in series Perfecta, that shooting with the invoice very accurate and yield in proportion to the price which, necessarily, is not popular: the beautiful pack of 10 cartridges, va, on average, the public around 66,00 €, but if you consider the amount of dust very progressive is really great and it takes the precious ball Sierra Match King 250 gr, you can understand how all it’s going to cost that amount. We like the cardboard used for the box and printing that characterizes this special series where there are directions on the ball at work, while for the ballistic data, the company refers to its website from which we obtained the tables below: for the less gregarious with modernity, we might say that the classic mirror with the trajectory data, speed and energy shown on the box would not hurt. The cartridges occur with brass of excellent quality, pocket portainnesco and the groove for the extractor is very sharp without the slightest deburring, annealing of the upper part of the case, then the last mm of the body, the shoulder and collar which ensures elasticity and possibility of recharging. The test was carried out with a Sako 85 has highlighted a chambered correctly without any effort neither in the closure nor in the opening, the absence of sfiammature abnormal, just the darkening of the neck and an optimal fit with a perfect, chambered the weapon in evidence.

Four charges to the side of their box: appreciate the extended annealing of the upper part of the body, the shoulder and the collar which prevents hardening enabling a good charging

The shot we experiment as we could by having chosen and set the day to the shooting Carrù (CN) for that November 24, when the rain and the wind have made efforts to sfiancarci, but without success: the location on a plateau, has kept us far apart that that was enough from the disasters caused by the river Tanaro. A mention deserves the optics Burris Veracity 5-25×50, which in the burriana has allowed adequate visibility to the 200, over you could not see their own, and a regularity in the fixes that are really appropriate to the combination of rifle and cartridge. For comparison, we fired some reloads households with a ball and Hornady A-Max is always 250 gr, and the correspondence has always been very high.


Wonder what is the use of this .338 LM is superfluous. Need to appreciate a work conducted with exemplary ability to reach certain values that are not accessible to everyone, to find as always the brand name Giulio Fiocchi Lecco ready and willing to follow fans on any ground, even the most difficult and challenging, to see how the experience and knowledge of the market put the Italian company to the highest levels in the international domain. If you wish to experiment with long range shooting, we will put you in the conditions to enjoy all that the .338 LM is capable of providing: unfortunately, the polygon of the plain they are driven (to), where we rest for distances above 300 m, in this period closed and will reopen only after the middle of may. You can close the discussion without an eye to the use of hunting: in the hands of people of good sense, you can say no in the absence of optimal conditions, the cartridge allows the results reboanti; otherwise re-open it, at greater and greater distances, the factory of “health” and what to avoid time to not ruin a great art as hunting, which must never expire a mere sporting exercise.

The cartridge Ribbons Perfecta .338 LM

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Four charges to the side of their box: appreciate the extended annealing of the upper part of the body, the shoulder and the collar which prevents hardening enabling a good charging

Bottoms of cartridges and other shoot: chambered and percussion, proved perfectly adequate

The blackening of the collar shows the right height and it is constant on all the brass: the brass used by Fiocchi has the sturdiness together with an excellent elasticity

The box is in card and ten cartridges of the Flakes Perfecta: the adoption of the ball the Sierra Match King 250 gr is a guarantee

The graphics are also provided on the sides of the box and in characters easily legible by the shooters who no longer have a view from the eagle

On the back of the packaging are the precautions to be observed in the handling of the product drawn up in English and French. Below appears to be the reference with which to connect the smartphone to the company’s website to obtain the ballistic data of the cartridge. Maybe a mirror print, as do many companies, it would be less technological, but equally pleasing and immediate perception

Curious to see the packaging of the Perfecta enclosed in a plastic casing that the seal is almost vacuum, preventing the moisture to enter to do damage

The charger package, Remington is necessarily large: all steel with exterior sheet metal drawn, the lips of convenient thickness, sole lift moulded and slab the bottom of the stop knob

The bottoms of the shells used for charging: the original production of the Lapua

Three original cartridges and as many refills: on the target at 200 m are interchangeable and may perform the same point

Overview comparative: it starts from the left with three .338 Lapua jumping a minuscule .221 Fireball, she then climbs to the .243 Win. and 7x65R, still a .338 Lapua and ends.378 Weath. Mag. with ball in RN 300 gr: beyond the measures you note the different design philosophy of the last two

Always with the scaling a little above observed here are the bottoms of all the cartridges

Three refills of the Master with the ball-Max Hornady, the other solution also of remarkable ballistic performance and accuracy

The powerful cartridge placed on the sole lift of the Sako 85, ready to be forfeited

The Sako Mod 85 action XL lends itself beautifully to camerare the cartridge .338 Lapua: design, execution and finish appeals to the eye, the sensations and the search result

Could not miss the Remington distributed by Paganini: for a few year offers at the price of inviting a model chambered for the wonderful cartridge Finnish

On these charges the brake of the mouth it is an imperative for many of the shooters: in addition to minimizing the recoil promotes usually the concentration of the pink and in the Remington provided their excellent results

In this set-up to the .338 Lapua in the Remington keeps the shutter with the classic two fins slightly backward while employing a stripper foil built-in, now says type, Sako, we proudly say type Mod. 91, which ensures an excellent service

The recent Burris Veracity has pleasantly amazed by the sum of values from maneuvers such as the clicks of the turrets, the adjustment of the focusing lattice, the variation of magnification, the correction of the parallax, lighting, central point, everything responds perfectly. Then the lenses have been shown to be quite valid, even with visibility reduced

Tables ballistics for the ammunition and for the reticle Burris calibration 100 m

La cartuccia Fiocchi Perfecta in .338 Lapua Magnum

Tables ballistics for the ammunition and for the reticle Burris calibration 100 m

Now all of the largest manufacturers of rifles and striped propose to catalogue a model chambered for the .338 Lapua: here we look at the Savage Mod. 10/110 FCP HS Precision with butt glass fiber of the note, the u.s. House barrel 66 cm, brake, mouth, shot, AccuTrigger, charger, detachable. It is imported from Bignami

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