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El Congreso debate mañana la caza y la pesca de especies exóticas invasoras - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

The Plenary of the Congress will debate Tuesday the consideration of a law proposal of the PP to modify the Law of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity with the objective to allow the hunting and fishing of invasive alien species in areas game and fish.

Currently, these species are classified and regulated through a royal decree, ministerial, so that may not be used for activities game.

“In the amendment of the law will continue to be considering that invasive alien species for which there is sufficient scientific information must be catalogued, but will be allowed in those areas occupied before 2007, the year in which it enacted the first regulation of this matter, it may use all the modalities of hunting and fishing for their control or eradication”, pointing to the PP in the exposition of motives of this new text.

The document, which has had access Europa Press, also notes that, outside of these areas, “it is prohibited to use for fishing or hunting sports, as a way of discouraging the loose illegal to have continued”.

Precisely, the release of these species are one of the major concerns of the environmental organisations, who came to the Supreme Court, accompanied by reports by scientists from the CSIC and other experts, to try “the character invader and the serious threat they pose on native species, the environment and the habitats and ecosystems”.

Finally, the Supreme court included in the catalogue of new varieties that the Executive had been omitted, such as the common carp, the rainbow trout, the edible seaweed wakame, the pataca, or the river crab, among others, and eliminated a supplementary and transitional provisions protecting the commercial use of some of the yes had been entered in the list.

Concerned about the economic damage and social

El Congreso debate mañana la caza y la pesca de especies exóticas invasoras - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.According to the ‘popular’, this change is intended to reconcile the protection of the environment with this sentence, which, as noted, has generated “a great concern for their economic and social impact”.

The PP points out that, “in addition to involving the prohibition on generic possession, transportation, traffic and trade of live specimens of several species that are the object of exploitation of fish or game,” this change, “it was the impossibility of the practice of hunting and sport fishing of the species listed, except in the context of control and eradication campaigns”.

“This caused a negative economic impact for the rural municipalities in which these sports activities, sightseeing and leisure are carried out. It also made it difficult or impossible for commercial activities and introduced doubts about the regime of some farms industrial that use species listed for the power, as the rainbow trout or the red crab,” he says.

PSOE and Citizens supported the reform

The request for this reform was debated in Congress, in the Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Environment, in a law proposal presented by the group ‘popular’, and who had the support of PSOE and Citizens.

United we Can criticized this change, then, and in the next part-session, as explained to Europa Press, the spokesman of the party in this matter, Juantxo López de Uralde, keep this posture. For the formation of the invasive species are “a serious problem, environmental and economic” which, in its opinion, should be “a priority” to combat. In this sense, he criticized that the PP is carrying out this reform to “favor ” sectors” of the hunting and fishing that have claimed these changes.