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La decisión del Supremo sobre el monte Ulia anima a los cazadores guipuzcoanos - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.La decisión del Supremo sobre el monte Ulia anima a los cazadores guipuzcoanos - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

Have not been made wait for the reactions of the hunters in gipuzkoa by the news that MD has dominated the past week. The inadmissibility of the appeal of the Municipality of Pasaia on the part of the Supreme Court brought the final judgment of the TSJPV on the monte Ulia. This latest court decision put an end to a five-year process in the courts in defence of the hunting carried out by the Basque Federation of Hunting.
Societies pasaitarras, primarily affected by this process of prohibition, you are prudent to the stance taken by the consistory of his municipality’ and the Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa. Juanma Royal society Usoa, qualifies successful “to have achieved a positive result even to the very Supreme Court but caution is vital, because after the last resource presented by our city Council, having ensured that it was not going to produce makes us not to trust. We hope that you immediately call us to schedule the game for next season, otherwise this situation is going to tighten much in the town and look at different alternatives in the case of ‘no response, according to the judgment favorable to us. In addition this reassures us not only by the theme of Ulia, but by the effect that would have occurred in the Jaizkibel”.
The Society Galepertarrak, manager of the line of Ulía, by delegation, federation, welcomed the sentencing through his delegate hunt, Richard Chicote.
“He arrives late, as it has deprived us of the season pass, but it is important. It is the talk of the town between the families of the hunters, all are already aware of the result of the judgment. We put ourselves at the disposal of the Federation as needed and as soon as we to communicate that we can make posts, we will begin the work”. There is No doubt that the delay in the appeal filed by the City is what it hurts most to a few local hunters who are quietly might have started hunting this year.

The rest of Guipúzcoa satisfied
The societies of the rest of Guipúzcoa also value the judgment because it “creates an important precedent by admitting the TS that hunting is perfectly compatible with other uses in the mount even in a safety zone. We admit exceptional measures of hunting and possible limitations and prohibitions fanciful and without sense or poses policy will take until the last consequences, always with the endorsement of this ruling,” says Eduardo Egaña, hunter pasaitarra.
Juan Mari lztueta, of the society of Zerain, indicates that “although the hunting pressure has been focused in the area of Donostialdea by the radical environmentalists, there is a significant movement anticaza in the rest of areas. The Goierri has endured an episode remarkable in the management of the parks of Aralar and Aitzgorri aratz mountain range with attempts constants limit the hunting to extreme intolerable on the part of the collective. Thanks to the union of the societies and the support of federation, we have brought forth the hunting without big limitations, but the attempt has been here too.”
The Basque Federation has not only obtained a historic ruling, but that is the second time in this process that the Public Administration is ordered to pay the costs. The Basque Federation of Hunting, through its president Joxe Angel Zaldua, has wanted to make it clear that “will support and lead at all times in defense of hunting in Gipuzkoa in similar situations in which falling upon the hunting a ban on unjustifiable and contrary to the law. Yes, provided that our legal services support this type of legal action. The economic cost has been important in the case of Ulia but it is money well spent if it is to defend the cinegetic activity before this type of attack.

Source: Sports World 01/12/17