The first ASP outbreak in Bulgaria – the German hunting newspaper

4. September 2018 102






    The African swine fever (ASF) is for the first time in Bulgaria demonstrated.

    So far, seven cases of ASF in the house were pigs in Bulgaria demonstrated (source: Rolfes/DJV)

    The world organisation for animal health (OIE) confirmed on 31. August 2018. Bulgarian media reported that the disease broke out in the village Tutrakanzi in the area of Varna, near the Black sea. It was detected in seven pigs, four of which were already dead. Three more were killed and disposed of.

    Bulgaria had started in July to build a 130-Kilometer-long safety fence to the North, bordering Romania, where the disease was first detected in June 2018. The specialist agricultural media according to Romania’s stocks currently with 700 sick animals, the European leader in ASP-infection in the domestic pig. It is also the largest Romanian pig fattening farm was affected, where in the coming weeks to 350,000 animals to be killed.

    The Director of Romania’s animal health authority, TIC-TAC-toe Dragna, has granted to that you have focused when you try to mitigate on the land. After several incidents of floating pig carcasses in the river Danube, the presumption was now that small holders have disposed of their dead animals in the river, and the ASP also ride on the waterway.

    The German hunting Association (DJV) calls hunt travelers in Eastern European countries, to take special care. Hunters should clean after the hunt, stay for your equipment such as knives, clothing and boots still in the host country carefully and disinfect. The MINISTRY of food and agriculture does not recommend hunters arriving with their own car, to use this as for area trips, and before the return departure to disinfect travel. Black wild trophies must also be disinfected.

    The Import of sausage, meat, or dog food out of restriction zones should be avoided. The hunter should be at the same time pig owner, is asking the state Ministry of economy to refrain from hunting trips in the areas affected. The greatest risk for the spread of the disease to Germany and a possible distribution of person – such as on the infected and improperly disposed sausages.

    PM DJV