The hunters, outraged with the Council for fiscalizarlos, is urgently needed to tackle the plague of wild boar – CazaWonke – Hunting and Safaris, your daily hunting.

Los cazadores, indignados con el Consell por fiscalizarlos, urgen atajar la plaga de jabalíes - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.Los cazadores, indignados con el Consell por fiscalizarlos, urgen atajar la plaga de jabalíes - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

Discomfort and outrage of hunters with the Ministry of Environment of the Valencian Community for the actions to take to reduce the population of wild boars in the Desert de les Palmes. The Federation of Hunting feels that the department autonomic “controls” its actions, after which the territorial director, Antonio García, announced the Mediterranean its intention to request images of animals being killed, as well as your gender, weight and age.

The vicedelegado of the Federation of Hunting of the Valencian Region (FCCV) in Castellón and delegate of big game Hunting in the province, Leonardo Gil, says: “The collective doesn’t understand how it puts into question the role of the hunters in this situation, controlling our actions, when we are the ones that we are offering you completely altruistic attempt to give a solution, which would create a cost to the coffers of the Administration.” “We are the solution and we seem to be the problem”, he says, to add that they are “fed up with both political leaders, such as minority groups criminalize to the collective”. It is for this reason that announce an event for may 20 in Valencia in that will demand respect for the Catalan government.

Other reserves

From the Federation assured that the situation in the Desert de les Palmes is “unsustainable”, so that many neighbours of the developments are located in the park and a large number of farmers have been in contact with the delegation in Castellón de la Federation of Hunting of the valencian Community to ask for aid, and measures to reduce the “disproportionately large population of wild boars”.

From the federation to ensure that they do not have special interest in conducting raids in the Desert and that there are many reserves in the province where you hunt. Also, point out: “We have already put at the disposal of the Department the measures that we believe are more effective and more economical; if you want to take and, if not, let them be left”. However, to qualify that, “if once more the leaders of this administration on behalf of their ideologies, ecologists and conservationists to the general interest, is something that must be explained to all citizens. Crimped the curl so as to not authorize activities hunting effective to solve a problem”, he argues.

The response of the entity to hunting comes after the Department of the Environment, gambled, as published Mediterranean, by a hunting management “technique” and by methods which, like the hooks or the waiting, reduce the number of hunters and dogs involved and limit their mobility. Also, opt for the installation of cage-trap in the Desert de les Palmes, although not for the subsequent sterilisation of the animals, but to bring them to other points of the territory or to transfer them to a slaughterhouse to slaughter and use the meat for human consumption.