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La revista 'Caza y Safaris' cambia a formato digital - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.La revista 'Caza y Safaris' cambia a formato digital - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

In recent years the growth of information in digital format has been settled between the company and, of course, among hunting enthusiasts. For this reason, we are going to adapt to the growing demand for a digital version of Hunting and Safaris, which will be integrated into our powerful portal hunting CazaWonke.

So, the edition number 397 of Hunting and Safaris, corresponding to the month of January 2018, it will be the last to be published in paper, but, as we say, Hunting and Safaris does not go away, or much less, but becomes digital, as CazaWonke little by little happen to be Hunting and Safaris Digital, and nothing better than to transcribe the editorial of the president of Cega Multimedia, Marcial Gómez Sequeira, precisely the number 397, to explain the step taken by this company to provide our followers the most modern and wide range of digital information hunting.


La revista 'Caza y Safaris' cambia a formato digital - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.La revista 'Caza y Safaris' cambia a formato digital - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.HUNTING AND SAFARIS IS REINVENTED

With all the pain of my heart, as the president of Cega Multimedia, SL, I have to inform you that this will be the last edition of Hunting and Safaris in print, after 35 years of operation, and 397 numbers edited.

But do not just read these lines as a negative thing, what a go!, because Hunting and Safaris does not disappear, it reinvents and bet for the future, for the digital format.

CazaWonke, the digital diary of hunting in the TWENTY-first century, our website –which since already a few years ago is superbly positioned to both national and international level–, step-by-step to become Hunting and Safaris Digital, where, in addition to all the information game in general –with its various sections, and the Safari Club International, which also we included in CazaWonke, you will have different blogs with articles and/or videos of our partners –of which we can boast and a lot, because they are fabulous and have always been the tough and mature–.

It will also be equipped with a (a very important dedicated to the hunting trips outside of our borders, to safari, On Safari, and another one, how not, is very special dedicated to the monterías in which, as there can be no other way, will one of our star products, the Awards Conchshell, and in which they will be able to find all the stories, photos and results of the panorama montero national. Both the safaris as the monterías will have the rank of a web page within another web page.

But there will be also, in Hunting and Safaris Digital, for now CazaWonke –I insist–, new sections, like the historical archive of Hunting and Safaris, in order to take advantage of and offer to our readers these 35 years of history, together with an important section dedicated to books of hunting, as well as many other new features that will be appearing on the website, such as contests with great prizes.

In addition to the bet digital, we’ll make another major commitment audio-visual: videos, in general, of hunting, but with a large content field and of nature, will be a constant in our renovated website.

I take this a bit strange occasion, to reiterate, with all my heart, my most sincere thanks to all those who have made it possible for these 35 long years of Hunting and Safaris in the edition of the paper, to all of our many advertisers, our also many subscribers, readers, and, of course, to our beloved co-workers. Also to the various printers who have made possible this printed edition and to the distributors who have taken month after month our magazine at your fingertips, without you all, without you all, this would have been impossible and we would never have achieved the challenge that has been assumed to be in the street for 35 years, that is said soon.

But, above all, I want to thank the dedication and good work to all those people who have had something to do in this project Cega Multimedia, directly or indirectly, thank you once again for your valuable effort and your dedication!

Finally, I cannot let pass the opportunity of inviting you to all of you, our dear readers, to follow us, to continue with this magazine, Hunting and Safaris, from now on in digital format, and to wish you the best for this new year 2018, I’ve just started with a new look towards the future.

By Marcial Gómez Sequeira