The marsh, started the project “Artificial Nests” to protect the water birds

Padule, partito il progetto “Nidi Artificiali” per proteggere gli uccelli acquaticiMallard pair – Anas platyrhynchos

Padule, partito il progetto “Nidi Artificiali” per proteggere gli uccelli acquaticiThe committee of management of theTerritorial Scope of the Hunt of Pistoia has decided to start the pilot project called “Artificial Nests” in the crater marsh of the Padule di Fucecchio. The goal is to stop once and for all the continuing destruction of the nests of mallards and other aquatic birds in the period between the spring and the summer. It is also a response to the reports of the presidium ordinary hunters and owners that are inside of this tuscan territory.

The nests are the favorite prey of the corvids, but also foxes, wild boars and otters: in particular, the rodents have started lately to contend with the water spaces dry, destroying the eggs laid, or even crushing the little ones just born. The pilot project is soon told.

Thirty nests will be installed around the marsh land of the Pistoiese, without forgetting the more than 60 between hunters and property owners who will be engaged to ensure the constant monitoring of the nests. Two of these will be installed in a visible and close to the Harbour, the Casino of Lillo, so as to allow citizens, photographers and schools to check out yourself in that way you are developing the initiative.