The new V. 350® Premium super-compact and performance – the German hunting newspaper

9. June 2017 19

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Lava, the well-known vacuum machines manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg, the new vacuum V device 350® Premium stainless steel housing standards in the compact area of the vacuum packaging. With the 360 mm band length in the professional Welding hand-held device, particularly, and thanks to 3-times the welding for perfect welding seams, even in the case of a higher liquid content. The device size is suitable to all the parts of a deer – dam-, Black-, and vacuum-packing a Deer.

The first impression: On frills will be dispensed with entirely, convincing the high-quality stainless steel with aluminum, clean lines, stable pressure switch, pressure gauge-pressure indicator and a easy-to-clean suction area. Now, if even the performance and functioning are convinced by this professional is a real buy recommendation device.

The new V. 350® Premium

Just in the hunting area of the V. convinced 350® Premium due to a oversized large welding transformer, so that the Overheating is excluded, and even a lot of users are able to vacuum without a break. The robust stainless steel housing with approximately 11 kg compared to the smaller Lava models for a little more weight, and the device obtained thereby, but also a maximum grip and an even easier operation of the daily Work. Even beginners can cope with the compact Lava (47 x 28 x 11 cm – W x d x h) immediately: connect the device to a standard electrical outlet (230 V), bag filling, bag-opening it is inserted into the device, closing the device door, and, the, V. 350® Premium switch on.

The standard magnet supported LCS System (Lava-Close-System) ensures that the appliance door completely without the often time-consuming Pressing of the Device starts immediately. The ball-bearing high-performance piston pump (without Oil and therefore maintenance-free) along with strong 35 litres pump capacity/min. within a few seconds with a black wild club filled the vacuum the air bag. As soon as the maximum vacuum pressure of -0.94 bar (easy to budget appliances not once -0.8 bar) is reached, the control automatically the welding process. Of course, the Vacuum can be regulate to be able to sensitive products gently vacuuming.

When welding, one immediately recognizes the high quality standards of the developer of this model, because the sealing is carried out 3 times, which ensures a considerably higher level of lock security, air-extractors, or even freeze the fire is completely undesirable. The perfect vacuum of leg can tire in a refrigerator (at 0 to +5°C) for up to four to six weeks (wet ageing), which improves the quality of the meat. Who would like to Freeze the vacuum-sealed venison directly can do this, of course, and for up to 3 years, at full preservation of quality and flavour, and free from freezer burn.

3-welding seam (photo: the manufacturer)

With the V. 350® Premium vacuum you like a Pro. The maintenance-free device can be almost white, each product size welding and convinces with maximum performance at an affordable price. The marketing of venison is fun again and it is thanks to filled TK-chest to the main acceptance times and in a sufficient quantity capable of.

Who is the better half would like to home make the purchase of this new Lava is still tasty, you can cite the following arguments: in addition to vacuum bags and continuous rolls the device (like all other Lava vacuum sealer) vacuum Packed containers, cans, bowls, and pots what also speaks for the use in the household. So it can be marinated in a vacuum container within seconds of meat or a Roast, what without vacuum often days. Spoil berries without vacuum in less than 3 days, even in the refrigerator, who is strawberries but raspberries, etc. in the container it can keep for up to 10 days freshly vacuumed. Also Twist-Off jars, canning jars and Weck glasses can be used with the V. 350® Premium and the right accessories, closed under vacuum so that the vacuum packaging is opened in a modern household the whole of new possibilities for food preservation.
Who more about the new V. 350® Premium (sale price of € 699.- Euro – VAT included) wants to learn, you can do this either in selected stores or the device directly from Lava to acquire, even with an attractive Free-Set of the vacuum bags or rolls of film to a value of around 60 Euro:
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