The next problem wolf – shooting required – German hunting newspaper

30. July 2018 144






    Despite a shepherd, and a 90-centimeter-high fence has already dug a Wolf on a flock of sheep. The farmers ‘ Union calls the shooting down of the predator.

    Bauer Mennle has fenced his flock of sheep in Lenzen (Brandenburg) with a 90-centimeter-high electric networks. 3 specially trained Pyrenean mountain dogs for protection. These he creates, after he has been ripped 2 years ago already 23 animals from wolves. Yesterday Morning 2 dead sheep were already in the midst of the herd. “I don’t know what I should do. It is at the mercy of the beast defenseless,“ says Mennle to

    Even before Pyrenees mountain dogs makes the Wolf no more (icon image: Sophia Lorenzoni)

    The farmer called the hunting of the predators. The livestock protection program of the state of Brandenburg is useless and should be stopped. “We keep getting sharper dogs and build higher and higher fences, but the are not interested in the Wolf when he is hungry. We must admit, finally, that the only functioning stove protection are less wolves,“ said Frank Michel, a farmer from Leibsch (Dahme-Spreewald). “A bunch of smart people deserves, in the meantime, a lot of money for Management and Monitoring, expert opinion and compensation, advice and herd protection, only for us farmers, it is getting worse by the year.”

    Add to that the extreme drought, the power to create the farmers. Mennle do not need to reduce a third of his flock, because he has enough food.