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La ONC pide a la CV que permita probar el nuevo método selectivo del parany - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.La ONC pide a la CV que permita probar el nuevo método selectivo del parany - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.Presentation of the system of basket mesh, a new method of capturing that promotes Apaval –

The National Office of Hunting, Conservation and Rural Development (ONC), considers an error the decision of the department of Environment of the Valencian Community not to authorize the field testing of the basket mesh, a method of capture of the parany completely selective and that would allow for the recovery of this traditional form are not currently authorized in Spain, but yes in other countries of the european environment.

For the ONC the excuse of the Counseling that it is a new type of game and not a traditional method it cannot be sustained when, precisely, this involves applying a new method that it is seeking to recover a traditional mode. In fact, the only thing that was requested in this first phase was the option of performing field tests with all the assurances to demonstrate how it works, their level of selection and its utility as a scientific tool, something that has been denied by the valencian Government with arguments that do not hold up, based on reports that do not correspond with what has actually requested the ‘paranyers’.

The next stage of this debate will be the Parliament of valencia, where a proposal has been made for you to authorize these tests. For the ONC it is the perfect opportunity for each party portrays it, and leave clear its position before this mode is highly rooted in this autonomous community. Also, is a second chance for the regional government, which could rectify their error and resume a dialogue that has now been broken with the sector.

The National Office of Hunting considers that the decision of the Government of valencia is unfair and does not hold neither legal, nor technical, or scientifically, so that it responds only to a political decision difficult to understand and that, once more, assumes a frontal assault on the hunting industry.