The Piedmont Region presents the draft of the hunting dates 2017 and 2018

La Regione Piemonte presenta la bozza del calendario venatorio 2017-2018

La Regione Piemonte presenta la bozza del calendario venatorio 2017-2018Also, the Piedmont Region began sketching the hunting dates 2017 and 2018, following the example of the Campania region. The text has been made known to the associations of hunting, and now await the usual comments that will be received by tomorrow, Friday, march 17. The next step, and the fundamental will be that of the opinion of the Superior Institute for Protection and Environmental Research. What has been decided for the time being?

The hunters of piedmont must do the accounts for some time with some limitations: in this case, the closure of the hunting turdidi is set at 10 January, while that of the woodcock ends at the end of the year, so ten days before. From the 1st of October to the 20th of January, you can hunt the water, but as it is known from the time the species involved are few, that is to say, teal, moorhen and mallard. For the withdrawal of the boar, the reference period should be between 24 September and 25 December or from the 1st November to the 31st of January.

For each day of hunting you can take down two heads of wildlife resident (one of the leaders must be the common hare). Other totals do not exceed that which regards the results are the following: 25 wild boars in the year, five hares municipalities, five heads of year for grey partridge and red-legged partridges, 30 pheasants, 70 minilepri, and 50 pieces of annual-to-head for wild rabbits, crows, gray, hooded crows, black magpies, and jays.