The potential for conflict Wolf is growing with 30 percent of the German hunting newspaper

5. October 2017 89

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It is not only since the alarming wolf messages the last days the theme of the Wolf is again on everyone’s lips.

So a British citizen of wolves to be eaten, however, far away in Greece. Much closer to the “to” curious wolf puppies of the Milkeler wolf pack are us.

After the policy “has” once on this topic, to has yesterday, also the German hunting Association (DJV) position for dealing with the Wolf in Germany.

The potential for conflict grows with each additional Wolf (photo: Shutterstock)

Possible solution approaches of the policy would have to focus on the Wolf teach of man and farm animals to keep. The potential for conflict will increase, according to the DJV, since the Population is growing over 30 percent per year. The Wolf was already a challenge for dyke protection, green agriculture and landscape maintenance.

“If the Minister and the Prime Minister demanding given the rapid expansion of the wolf to its Regulation, you must also create the legal framework. We need workable management plans that work both on and off the election campaign getöses“, DJV-the member of the Board Helmut Dammann-Tamke. You predict that by the policy of deliberate regulation of the wolf on the hunting rights are conceivable and practicable.