The practice of hunting in Castilla y León, in serious jeopardy by a judgment of a court – CazaWonke – Hunting and Safaris, your daily hunting.

La práctica de la caza en Castilla y León, en serio peligro por una sentencia judicial - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

After the judgment 604/2017 of the Court Superior of Justice of Castile and Leon, on demand made by Ecologists in Action, which effectively prevents hunting in this community, since it overrides articles of the Decree 32/2015, of 30 of April, by which regulates the conservation of game species in Castilla and León, its sustainable use and the population control of the wildlife Federation, the Hunting of Castilla and Leon has issued the following press release and which we reproduce below:


1.- Hunting in Castilla y León is a legal activity and is, in addition, one of the practices controlled by law to ensure the rational utilization of the species by ensuring its conservation.

2.- As a result of the continuous judicialization of the rules game that come causing several associations anticaza with a single ideology and exclusionary, it is affecting in a systematic way to practice hunting, regardless of all the serious consequences that may have on the whole of the population of our community, and especially the rural areas.

3.- Regardless of its social impact as a recreational sports activity, the hunting is essential for the proper management of the fauna and the environment and the economy of Castilla y León; it is the enabler for the rural environment, creates and maintains employment, generates wealth induced in the services sector, not only in the game, and is an important source of revenue for public Finance, too.

In addition to the above, do not control the wildlife endangers the lives of the people in accidents that this can cause in the roads and affects so very important to the agricultural sector for damage to crops and the possible transmission of world animal health to the livestock by overpopulation.

Precisely in the last few weeks, the Regional Administration, the Federation of Hunting and agrarian unions, and cattle ranchers had come to an agreement to regulate populations and reduce where possible the growing damage caused by game species.

4.- If, as it seems there is a defect in the regulation, and regulation of a legal activity on the part of the Regional Administration, it is the duty of their leaders to accept it and, most importantly, it is your obligation to fix it with urgency.

5.- To contribute to such a solution, the Federation of Hunting of Castilla y León is participating with its human and technical resources with the responsible of the Junta de Castilla y León, but this provision by contributing to a common goal can not be confused at all with the unconditional support of a management that has proven unsuccessful in the regulatory development of the Hunting Law which the Administration is solely responsible, by action or by omission. Do not forget that this problem extends since the year 2002 and already had a serious incident in the Courts in 2011, and that the Hunting Act ‘ 96 required a regulatory development in a year, and have spent more than 20 without doing so.

6.- The Federation of Hunting of Castilla y León, on behalf of the 100,000 hunters of our land, and contributing responsibly to the welfare and economy of the rest of the citizens of our region, DEMANDS of the political leaders of the Junta de Castilla y León with the necessary technical, administrative or legal entities that are needed to ensure the rights of the people, which may not be conditioned by regulations deficient or insufficient.

7.- We are confident that the various judicial bodies which are involved or may be involved in the resolution of this situation, know how to assess properly, in the public interest, and the irreparable damage that their decisions may have on the environmental balance, the economy and the security of the people and therefore take all the necessary precautions before you hurt badly and irreversibly to these interests.

8.- At this time we touch, contribute and cooperate to the hunt to develop with normal this season, then it will be time to reclaim responsibilities in the manner and with the bluntness that is applicable to this and other situations.