The Real Club de Monteros delivering their awards for the year 2016 – CazaWonke – Hunting and Safaris, your daily hunting.

El Real Club de Monteros entrega sus premios correspondientes al año 2016 - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.El Real Club de Monteros entrega sus premios correspondientes al año 2016 - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

Last October 3, took place the solemn acts of delivery of annual prizes of the Real Club de Monteros, corresponding to the year 2016. Due to the impossibility of carrying out these acts in their headquarters they had to resort to the restaurant Loft 39 in Madrid, which was filled in capacity, due to the excellent reception that had these events, including partners, relatives and friends of the awardees.

Once the dinner the president of the Real Club de Monteros, César Fernández de la Peña, gave a brief presentation on the ideals and objectives of the club, making a special emphasis on the boost that gives to the world of hunting, and the hunt and the rehala in particular, because, in spite of the transformations that the present life has been printed in our traditions, the essence is still valid thanks to the efforts that many fans put in it, with a clear example of the rehalas, essential in this form of hunting. Did not want to overlook the thanks of the club to the signature of Leica optics, which is sponsoring for the first year the Literary Prize Jaime de Foxa, and that delegated a representation of the maximum level in these acts.

At this point, the president passed the word to Paul Fernandez Gasset, who gave the reading of the minutes of the agreements appointing the winner of this edition 2016, with the Prize to the Personality Venatoria.

El Real Club de Monteros entrega sus premios correspondientes al año 2016 - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.El Real Club de Monteros entrega sus premios correspondientes al año 2016 - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

In the first place referred to as the met, the Jury, formed by members of the Board of Directors of the RCM is chaired by César Fernández de la Peña, unanimously agreed to, once studied the various candidatures presented, to award the Prize to the Personality Venatoria 2016 Pedro de Ampuero Castellanos “for considering the award winning an example to follow among the young, because it embodies values that combine the love for the purity of the wild nature, the desire for self-improvement and the assumption of the challenges are unachievable, also moved to all the acts of his life”.

After this time, Rafael Spanish Baron, conde de Priego, offered the reading of the minutes of the Jury of the Literary Award Jaime de Foxa, which decided to grant this award in his edition of the year 2016, Luis Windy Castiñeira, for his article, Hunters. Their trophies are the freedom, the culture and the tradition, published by the author on October 21, 2016, in the newspaper ABC. The jury of this award is different from that of the other two awards of the Club and is appointed to this effect.

After this point Teresa de Borbon, marquesa de Laserna, made the delivery of the prizes, and after the Íñigo Moreno de Arteaga, marquess of Laserna, gave a brief but sympathetic and friendly portrayal of the awardees in their condition of honorary president of the RCM.

He began the use of the word remarking on Peter de Ampuero Castellanos the Prize for the Personality Venatoria “has been awarded this year {…} to a character unique and unusual for this award. Peter is a wicked young man and the distinction typically reward the life journey of people of age more advanced, in addition to is archer, and is the first disciple of William Tell in achieving this honor.”

After sum up the life journey of the award for his professional success, they also gave us a brief summary of his career to hunting with these words: “Morralero first, the same after the partridges in Castrojeriz and the deer burgaleses in search of bongo in central africa, when the time came for her to hunt on her own, chose the bow. Always the most difficult and strenuous and avoiding aguardos quiet on a bait that ensures the presence of the cattle; anything that, in the cliffs and mountains where the success is achieved when it is achieved to shorten distances in the ground more complicated. Sarrios, rams, wild, the species of the Derby antelope, the bongo and the sitatunga antelopes and even buffalo are listed with their dates in their daily hunting. This year has curly curl and have gotten one of the trophies more complicated, the tur east, in the mountains more difficult, without more weapons than their bows, arrows, a lot of dedication and knowledge.”

In regards to Luis Windy Castiñeira, almost to the beginning of your presentation made us see that being galician “this prints a character, and I do not speak of chascarrillo of the ladder, what I say because I know your land: the swabians came and prendaron of it, and there remain while the vandals (something they would do when their name has connotations that it retains) left the rich Andalusia. Galicia is poor, with acid soils that have driven the emigration, and with a sea generous although very bravo”.

On the reasons that led the Jury to award his article, referred to, adds this award to others who already have “with a courageous article entitled ‘Hunters’ and who dares to say that the hunt and honor the animal because no one loves it more than the hunter, and later identifies hunting as an example of civil liberties, and said with the same expression that is always used in Castile to designate what are now called rights.”

From the award-winning Pedro Ampuero was the first to speak, inviting you to make two reflections. The first related to “the threat that currently suffers from the hunt by politicians, administration, animalistic, environmentalists, and people in general”, but for award-winning, our main threat comes from the lack of generational change, saying that “the hunt will disappear the day that there is people able to defend it {…} by the alienation of the rural world”. In the second place he invited her to enter the young everything that represents the hunting, because it is less important is the actual hunting of the animal, what is really important is everything that involves the act of hunting, and all that is before you apprehend the piece.

After his words he took the microphone Luis Windy, who referred to his weak ties to the art venatorio. However, from a long time ago, looking at the growing movement of animal rights began to see the hunters “as a refuge of freedom and love for nature”, that they have a true affection for her, not impostado with attitudes and trims, nothing real, with little background of authenticity and less economic contribution to their conservation, to the contrary of what happens with the hunters.

Photographs: Marcos Ruiz Espin