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La Mesa Gallega por la Caza sigue haciendo escuela - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.La Mesa Gallega por la Caza sigue haciendo escuela - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

Once more the project dissemination “Hunting in the School”, launched by the Bureau of the Galician Hunting to zoom in on the values of hunting to the younger, wrote a new chapter.

On this occasion the action was framed in one day teaching more than four hours of duration where it was moved to the school, with arguments and data, the importance of hunting as a management tool in the natural environment.

Half a hundred of assistants, followed with great anticipation for the presentation that served, among other aspects, to show young students of the centre a comprehensive overview of everything related to the activity of hunting from the point of view of the sustainable utilization of the species.

Topics up to date as can be the delicate situation of the populations of big game hunting, the evolution of the populations of big game hunting in Galicia, the damage to agriculture, the social image of the hunting activity or hunting as a management tool for the rural galician, were addressed with the students in their vast majority were unaware of the true reality of the hunt.

From the Table of the Galician Hunting we consider it fundamental to the realization of this type of informative activities, especially those aimed at the new generations, because of them depends the future of hunting.

A morning class very productive with the backdrop of the exchange of experiences and information, which fell short, judging by the constant questions and concerns voiced by the attendees during the exhibition.

To finish off the day touched thank, as not, to the pupils of the high degree of interest and involvement in the issues addressed at the time that we acquired the firm commitment of future collaboration in those activities linked with hunting and management of game species.

The Table Galician for the Hunt expressed his thanking to the training centre the opportunity it provided to bring more young people the reality of the game and be able to show you the important work of the collective contributing to keep alive the rural world.