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A mountain lion in the Griffith park of Los Angeles (USA). EPH.

The u.s. fish and Wildlife service of the united States has officially declared extinct at the puma in eastern north american, a subspecies of mountain lion, after you remove it from the Federal List of Endangered Wildlife and in Danger of Extinction and thus correcting an anomaly persistent that included this species although it is likely to take to be extinct, according to the researchers ‘ data, at least seventy years.
This particular cat used to roam the forests, mountains and grasslands in all states deEstados States east of the Mississippi, but has not returned to be seen in the last eight decades (the Florida panther, another subspecies of puma, it is a different population and is in danger of extinction).

In 1973, the puma of north America was included in the list of species in danger of extinction. In 2015, the Federal Register published a request to exclude the animal from the list, and finally on the 23rd of January 2018 has been issued, the statement which has been declared officially extinct.

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