The Veneto region, in the Val d’agno there are too many deer: expected abatement

Veneto, in Val d’Agno ci sono troppi caprioli: previsto l’abbattimento

Veneto, in Val d’Agno ci sono troppi caprioli: previsto l’abbattimentoThe roe deer present in the area of the Agno Valley, an integral part of the Vicentine pre-Alps, are really too many, an excessive number which is known by different time. You are talking about more than one hundred pieces, a figure emerged in the course of the survey done in the so-called “zone-sample”. That’s why we decided to start with a plan of containment, in which the ungulates by knocking them down, are twenty. It will be sufficient for a withdrawal of the genre?

The wild are dangerous from the point of view of safety, given that they are responsible for severe road accidents when you dare to cross the road. The risk becomes even higher when the young deer of the male sex are removed from the group and are not able to orient themselves well in the group. The dialing plan has been already provided by the Province of Vicenza and is designed to involve the hunters allowed: it is a withdrawal which has not, however, found all agreed, in spite of a confrontation between the hunters and the authorities hunting.

In particular, the number of roe deer from cull has divided the parties in the case, even if the approximately twenty specimens should be confirmed. Just two weeks ago there were two accidents involving ungulates and drive in this area in just an hour.