Thuringia: 3 Wolf-dog-hybrids shot by the German hunting newspaper

28. March 2018 135






    Of the total of 6 Wolf-dog-hybrids, to be removed for the protection of endangered species of Wolf from the troop exercise area Ohrdruf, have already been 3 shot.

    As the Thuringian Ministry of the environment announced on Tuesday in Erfurt, due to the beginning of pasture season has been “efforts to catch and kill the hybrids in the past few weeks,” intensified. Aided by the onset of winter and the snow lighter the launch of 3 animals had managed to read. Another had been discovered with injuries at a railway siding in Gotha.

    The financial cost is enormous. Alone for the original planned placement in an alternative bear Park Ministry flowed, according to agent in a high five-digit amount.

    The she-wolf from the military training ground in Ohrdruf)in the past year, with a house, dog and six Wolf-dog-hybrids sired (image: Federal forestry

    The end of the month the fishing efforts are to be set. The 2 remaining hybrids continue to be on the hit list.


    Wolf hybrids trapped …

    6 wolf-hybrid-puppies will be killed ….