Thuringia: victory mouth about casual German hunting newspaper

4. April 2018 64






    A few days after the launch of the Ohrdruf-hybrids even animal rights activists called are now calling for legal consequences.

    27. March 2018 was announced by the Thuringian Ministry for the environment, the killing of 3 of the 6 Wolf-dogs-hybrids.

    In the meantime, has displayed itself in the founding phase of the Association “wolf protection in Germany,” Thuringia’s Minister of the environment, Anja siegemund. The Prosecutor’s office is reviewing whether an investigation will be initiated.

    The display is directed against Thuringia’s Minister of the environment, Anja siegemund (Green) (photos: Austrian Federal forestry / Olaf Kosinsky / Wikipedia)

    “Wolf protection in Germany” is generally against wolf-launch orders for the abolition of the General hunting.

    The environment Ministry responded calmly to the display of the wolf guards. A spokesman said compared with the mdr Thuringia, the Ministry had acted with the removal of the young animals in conformity with the law and with the approval of the Upper nature conservation authority.