Thuringian win “It” – German hunting newspaper

4. October 2018 9






    The hunting horn blowers from ottmann Hausen, at the last weekend in the 2. European championship by blowing the hunting horn in the town of Levoča (Slovakia) to the top of blown.

    The Thuringian hunting horn blowers from ottmann Hausen are the winners in the class “It” (photo: Liebig/DJV)

    The Thuringian secured the title in the class “It”. As the DJV informs, it is already your 2. Europe blow title after the success in Denmark in 2006 in the Fürst-Pless-Horn. In the class B (Fürst-Pless, mixed, and tour de force of horn-B) came out the winners from Budapest.

    A total of 21 wind and brass groups from 7 Nations took part in the competition.