Tiger Alarm in the Eifel – the German hunting newspaper

1. June 2018 41






    From the Eifel-Zoo in Lünebach, in Rhineland-Palatinate, broke out on Friday Morning, several big cats, and 1 bear.

    Severe storms with Flooding that could have helped the animals to unexpected freedom. After information of the SWR 2 lions, 2 tigers and 1 Jaguar should be broken out first of all from their enclosures. A runaway bear was shot. Residents were urged to stay in their homes.

    Early Friday afternoon, then the all-clear: All of the big cats are captured, according to dpa.


    Tiger Alarm in the Eifel: From a Zoo in the Eifel, several pollutants are escaped cats from their enclosure (icon image: Pixabay)