Time lifting in NRW – the German hunting newspaper

17. July 2017 5903

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To high black wild stocks, immense damage to Wildlife and now also the African swine fever in front of the door.

The Ministry for the environment, agriculture, nature and consumer protection of North Rhine-Westphalia against this Background, today, by decree, the possibility of country-wide time waiver for the Defectors informed. Target is launching a Reduction and a reduction in the risk of spread of African swine fever (ASF).

NRW-decree: No more time for Defectors (photo: Shutterstock)

The lower hunting authorities will be asked to fill in the time in your area of responsibility “with immediate effect up to 31. March 2018“. The time for Defections would thus be repealed from now on, in the whole of NRW.

Furthermore, the country should abandon forest and wood NRW and the levying of charges for the hunting of piglets and Defectors.