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10. January 2018 144

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Joint statement by the BJV and state forests: hunting Association, and state forestry to cooperate in the fight against African swine fever.

BJV President Prof Dr Jürgen Vocke and Chairman of the Board of the Bavarian state forestry, Martin Neumeyer, met on the 9. January a trust exchange at the Headquarters of the BaySF in Regensburg. In the detailed conversation, both sides confirmed that BAJ and state forestry, want to lead their good cooperation in the future.

One of the prevention measures is a reinforced firing of Growth (photo: Horst Niesters)

The most important questions, significant Similarities were observed: there was Agreement about the fact that against the Background of current challenges, such as African swine fever, all sides should consider in the prevention of a strand. Chairman of the Board, Neumeyer said that the state forestry Commission, in turn, challenged and ready to be used, by the state Ministry for nutrition, agriculture and forestry leadership-created package of measures for wild boar hunting to actively implement and to make effective prevention measures in the state hunts. This area include hunting, cross-Movement and a greater launch of growth promoters, but also the trial use of Saufängen in the state forest. As Neumeyer explained, hunt on the state forests themselves, with only around 11 % of the hunting area of Bavaria. For the majority of the Rest of the area by private hunters are responsible. Therefore, there is also a need for effective prevention, effective measures beyond the boundaries of the state forest.

President Prof. Dr. Vocke stressed that on the part of the private hunting community, many efforts were made to prevent an outbreak of swine fever. Important it is, with animal welfare and hunting ethics. The tips of the hunting Association and the state forestry have expressed to continue their intention in the research questions, to exchange. After examination of the individual case, also a constructive cooperation in this field possible.

Chairman of the Board Neumeyer continued to be clear that the Forester of the state forestry endeavour launch numbers to meet, in accordance with the legal requirements and complied with. To this goal, even with hundreds of motion-hunts by the company in the year lead. Agreed, the heads of state foresters and hunters were also reflected in the fact that already in November 2002 and jointly developed principles for the movement to be suitable for hunting is still relevant and well, as a basic guideline to serve as a cord for the implementation of the large-scale hunts. Neumeyer and Vocke appealed to hunt responsible, in Bavaria, to communicate even more closely and to allow for more common hunts.

Chairman of the Board Neumeyer: “We are working on the part of the state forests for years, and to work constructively with a variety of private hunters, including many of the BAJ members. On the good cooperation with thousands of private hunters, we rely also in the future. In total, there are over 8,000 dedicated private hunters, killing much of the Wild in the state forests. This trust and cooperation should be continued and by individual cases in question.“

President Prof. Vocke stressed that, in spite of in case a different view of the common interests should be in the foreground. To each other and not against each other, it is important to continue to provide work for forest, wildlife and hunting: “hunting is an indispensable cultural asset, and at the same time in times of climate change and challenges as the African swine fever relevant and necessary than ever. We will work together more closely shoulder-to-shoulder.“ Finally, the hunting at the present time under a very critical public observation. Therefore, there would not be a sensible Alternative to a trusting and close collaboration.