Toyota sweeps diesel models – German hunting newspaper

6. March 2018 105






    The Japanese car maker Toyota ushers in the end of its diesel technology and want to sell in Europe, Diesel Cars and more.

    Company information according to the phase-in period to start already this year. In the development they wanted to focus instead on Hybrid vehicles, such as Johan van Zyl, President of Toyota Motor Europe, said on Monday to the media.

    Toyota is regarded as the winner of the diesel scandal. In 2017, the Japanese were able to increase their car sales in Europe by 14 percent, while the overall market grew by only 3.4 percent. This Performance resulted in part from the increased sales of the hybrid models.


    More Area Vehicles …

    Also in the case of hunters, a popular Compact SUV’s RAV4 was built from 2012 to 2014, in an electric version (photo: Hans Jörg Nagel)