Tree of the year 2019 – the German hunting newspaper

9. November 2018 40






    The tree of the year Foundation has chosen the fluttery elm (Ulmus laevis) to the tree of the year 2019.

    The Dr. Silvius Wodarz Foundation announced today. Mountain and field elm had acquired by the Dutch Elm disease notoriety. However, the flap got elm-significantly more resistant to proven. Nevertheless, Ulmus laevis , a rare species of tree in Germany. The have to do primarily with the loss of their habitat. Most likely, you will find the water-loving type, today, in the larger river valleys such as the upper Rhine Graben and the Rhine-Main-level.

    With the Federal Minister, Julia Klöckner, and the German tree Queen in 2019, Caroline Hensel, the fluttering elm has 2 dedicated women: “After centuries of habitat destruction, it is time to get the fluttery elm new to the awareness of urban planners and Forestry experts.” says the German tree Queen.

    The fluttering elm (photo: A. Roloff)feels on the water, happy as a clam:

    Until the end of 2018, the Ess-chestnut (Castanea sativa) is the mBaum of the year.