Trial Hunter-Jihadist – German Hunting Newspaper

27. February 2018 131






    Before the düsseldorf regional court will have to answer since yesterday, the 28-year-old Özkan G. from the lower Rhine town of Kamp-Lintfort, because of preparing a serious seditious act of violence.

    (Photo: Country Court Düsseldorf)

    The Turk should be tried according to the charges, a detonator, to kill as large a number of people. The man was as a hunting license holder – he passed the exam in the spring of 2012 – in the possession of 2 hunting and 2 short weapons and had links to the so-called “Lohberger Brigade”, a band of jihadists from Dinslaken.

    In court the accused told that he had “the hunt in the blood”, as in his country, every farmer with a shotgun had. Far and wide it may be, however, not have been, because on demand of the judge, he confessed to have only a Time in the Sauerland, a piece of black wild stretched. He also admitted that in may of 2017, in a Garage in Neukirchen-Vluyn found chemicals had given him.

    For the process 8 negotiations are scheduled days, the judgment is to fall at the end of March. The DJZ is on the Ball.