“Trophy hunters hunters” remain unemployed – the German hunting newspaper

14. July 2017 72

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Currently, the customs advertising for new recruits with the advertising slogan: “trophy hunter hunter wanted” – and joins the hunters in front of the head.

The Slogan ‘ generalised and operated hunting opponents clichés of the foreign hunting, which is bad for the protection of species.

The misleading poster in the duty (source: DJV)

In reality, however, the vacationers, the of import to commit offences: More than 90 percent of protected species of animals and plants, which were seized by customs, are Souvenirs that tourists from abroad bring to Germany. Occasional complaints from hunters, harmless form errors are, as a rule, if, for example, an import document in the copy and not the Original submitted. The German hunting Association (DJV) and the German Delegation of the International Council for the conservation of game and wildlife (CIC). In the year 2000, the International Union for conservation of nature IUCN has recognized sustainable way of hunting, even as a Form of nature – and species protection.

The aim of the campaign for young professionals in the customs should be to break with prejudice, said the President of the General Directorate of customs, Uwe Schröder: “We want to show how multi-faceted and exciting our profession and with clichés clean up […]”.

That went with the poster for the advertising for Junior staff to be completely wrong, because hunting opponents-plates are supported, said DJV-Vice-President Dr. Wolfgang Bethe: “Germany’s hunters abide by laws, when it comes to hunting tourism and import of trophies. It’s a Zero-tolerance policy: if a hunter in the exception of a failed case against species protection provisions, then you can’t hope to understanding of the organised hunting community“. The Federal Finance Minister would be well advised, the ad motif to stomp on, so the opinion of DJV and CIC.