Truck driver saves injured owl – German hunting newspaper

12. June 2017 52

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An eagle owl with 2 broken Swing was captured at the weekend, on the A 1 in the communal area of the flow stream (Rhineland-Palatinate) is a Czech Truck driver.

On Friday morning the police was informed that in the Road not sitting in a bird, the distant, in spite of approaching vehicles. As the auto train wanted to see the mayor’s after the bird of Prey, it was gone.

The same thing repeated itself on Saturday morning. At noon, however, came the call of a Truck driver, he had captured an injured bird. The police took the owl to the Department, where he was received by a Falconer. In the case of a short examination, he noted that the gripper has broken both Wings.


The Transfer of the eagle owl to the bird-of-prey expert was held at the police station (photo: police of Rhineland-Palatinate)