Ugly Easter Fire – The German Hunting Newspaper

3. April 2018 41






    On Easter Sunday, firefighters and police had to move out against 23.30 o’clock. Reason, there is no Easter fire, but a burning was the seat.

    A local resident saw the glow of fire on the Northern edge of the forest, the wiehen hills in the amount of the road of Red earth in Bad Holzhausen (Kreis Minden-Lübbecke/North Rhine-Westphalia) and will be alerted to the emergency. Only the frame of the high-seat stood, but even this has been severely damaged. This is already the 4. High-fire sitting in this area, since the beginning of March. Or be a part of the unknown offender has the police not yet.

    In the 1. Week of March, the officials employees of the seats already 2 burning high. A little later the next fire followed.


    (Photo: Police Of Minden-Lübbecke)