Umbria, need new rules and more clear for hunting wild boar

Umbria, servono regole nuove e più chiare per la caccia al cinghiale

Umbria, servono regole nuove e più chiare per la caccia al cinghialeHunters ‘ associations, the regional coordination of the teams of hunting wild boar in Umbria and the Territorial Areas of the Hunt were heard in the Third Committee regarding issues relating to the regulation governing the removal of ungulates. The certainty of this historical moment is only one, need new rules for this hunt. The comparison took place at the Palazzo Cesaroni, the seat of the Regional Council, and has emerged especially as the parties concerned must compete between them, including farmers, to prepare very precise rules.

The amendment of the regulation precedes the extension in the hunting season 2017 and 2018 of the prohibition of the ATC register to the register of wild boar hunting with other teams in addition to those already recorded. Among others, intervened Stefano Tacconi, provincial president of the Free Hunting Perugia, according to which the situation is now the same for years, with the same damage and the same conflicts between the teams.

According to Arci Hunting Umbriais a address serious, in addition to the choices shared to arrive at a clear document. If Coldiretti has made reference to a fighter from the review in its overall management, the cinghialisti they called for a regulation uniform that takes into account their world. There have been the interventions of Enalcaccia and two ATC umbria.